BOOK REVIEW: Sexual Integrity by J.A. Dennam

Without giving too much about the book away, a quick, general summary can be found anywhere from Amazon to Goodreads…

Brooke Monroe is the ultimate career woman determined to regain the graphic arts business her father sold to Ethan Wolf, VP of Monroe Graphics. It is your typical story of two people who cannot stand each other but are so far beyond intrigued with one another, they can’t help themselves. Love, business, chemisty, trust, and sex.… Oooh, the SEX.

This novel was definitely a page turner and adult-oriented.  Dennam’s writing style keeps you hungry for each event, right after the other. The descriptions were so easy to imagine that I can see it like a movie in my imagination. Depending on how far your imagination takes you as you sweat with each move the characters make, you’ll definitely hunger for more by this author. If you enjoy all I have just described, you will enjoy this book!

Get yours here from Cleis Press or at any fine bookstore.

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