Admire My Skin Brightening Serum

I do have to admit, I was a little hesitant in the beginning to try this product because I had tried so many that made my skin worse… more red, sometimes itchy, most of the time, so very dry. I am of mixed descent so finding anything that will work properly on my skin is a challenge. Anyway, so I tested this product on a small patch on my neck to make sure it wouldn’t have any bad effects on my skin before trying this serum on my face. It seemed to work well so after a few days, I tried it on my cheeks… more like the T-zone area where I have a lot of redness.

After the the first couple of days, I really didn’t see any difference and my face seem to look more red. Instead of feeling discouraged, I continued using it for a few more days after since I know I’m over 40 and my skin is a little tougher than most. The picture you see below is after two weeks of using the serum. The redness is not completely gone but it has calmed down a lot. I’m very happy with the results.

I would recommend this serum to family and friends but caution them to try it on a small area first since I’ve read some other reviews that warn about peeling and burning even though I didn’t have any of that. This is a great buy, it works and is more economical than what you would pay for a department store brand that may not work as well. Get yours here.

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